SSA Formed to transform a world class Marine Services in to integrated network with defined and common service standard

We would like to introduce our selves to you, We are Speed Shipping Agencies based at Abu Dhabi Ports - UAE working in many fields such as Shipping Agents, Ship Management, Chartering, Port/Marine Agent, Cargo Agent, Brokers, Ship Chandlers and Transportation. We are interested to open a co-operation channel with your respected company.

Our Services

1. Marine Port Agency Services

· Agency Services (Inward /outward clearance of Vessel)
· Navigation licenses & port dues.
· Crew sign on / sign off
· Mission visa/labor card processing/ Transit visa.
· Port permits.
· Coast Guard inspection.
. FTA Documentation, TRA Transactions.
· Crew Clearance &Transportation

2. Chartering & Ship Management.

3. Ship Chandler(Supply Provision, stores, spares& Parts etc.)

4. Manpower supply with processing of the necessary documents

5. Freight Forwarding &Shipping Agents

6. Logistics Services

Shipping Agents

As every one know , every shipping line have agent to ensure for him berth booking, hot works permit, bunkering permit, water tanker, chandler, clearance,,,,,,etc. We have good relations with Port Authority to make the work easier and arrange professional service to our clients.


From one of our important services it is the Chartering, we can arrange General Cargo Vessels, Tugs , Barges , Oil Tankers and Land craft , in addition we are contracting with shipping lines and we are forwarding any Cargo or Container to every location around the world wide by good price, and please be informed that we are partner with KIZAD & KHALIFA PORT.

Custom Clearing

We are trying to make our company have Full Services , for that we add Custom Clearing to our Activities, we need to arrange for our clients completely services, so any vessel when she will come to the port we will clear the cargo and give it to our client the Manifest on time

FTA Documents processing

Further to Federal Transport Authority in United Arab Emirates we provide Documents processing by partner with FTA , we can do the Endorsement , Authorities , Navigation Licenses , Ownership Card Renewal ,,,,,, etc. we are understand all the lows in UAE especially the Marine lows depending on FTA Terms and Guide.


After the off loading Operation , the cargo should be on trucks or trailers , for that we have trailers can transport all the cargo from Vessel to client door, and all our clients will be happy with our Logistic services.

Warehouse Management

All the cargo and shipping Companies need warehouses to put their cargo and keep it for sometime and we should remember that each material need protective with insurance, for that we are arranging warehouse management to our clients to manage their materials and cargo in Abu Dhabi.


Planning reusable logistics, implementing the system and operating it as a permanent system is always associated with high expense. Experience tells us that the greater the size of a container pool, the greater is its requirement for professional management. The background to this is that as the number of containers, depots, suppliers and recipients grows, the degree of transparency and planning security within the supply chain falls, in many cases giving rise to shrinkage and bottleneck situations, and even production downtimes due to the lack of reusable packaging units.

1. interface optimization
2. requirements met to the best possible degree
3. stockholdings minimized
4. support for "just-in-time"
5. creation of transparency
6. greater security of planning
7. enhancing process efficiency
8. making the best possible use of - and even saving on - logistical resources

Our Clients